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Have you seen the Game of Thrones series yet? This attractive long series received huge hits. This is a film that follows the story with the cast of well-known actors. Game of Thrones has become the most popular film in the years 2015 and 2016. A fantasy series film is about the struggle for power in the legendary land of the Westeros of the seven clans. This war woke up the extremely dangerous demon called White Ball.

Game of Thrones: Conquest APK Mod Money

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Thanks to the huge popularity of the movie Game of Thrones, Warner Bros has produced Game of Thrones: Conquest game based on the story of the movie. This a tactical game. You will build strongholds and command your troops to battle among the other powers; the highest position will belong to the best person.

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You become a leader, with the task of conquering 7 clans, fighting and gaining Iron Throne. To do that, you need to build a kingdom, develop and create the strongest soldiers to fight all enemies.

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Daenerys Targaryen, a daughter of King Aerys II Targaryen, will be your supporter. As Daenerys Targaryen said, King’s Landing is the land that you can conquer all Westeros, which is where you need to protect, not to let the evil forces infringe. One of two important goals: King’s Landing and Iron Throne.

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Download Game of Thrones: Conquest for Android/iOS

Because the place that Daenerys Targaryen chooses for you to build a base is far away from King’s Landing, she sends Tyrion Lannister to help you build the stronghold, train and command the troops. Starting this game with a hungry army, by your inherent leadership, you will create food fields, exploit materials to build strongholds to train soldiers. There are many tasks and activities for you such as building bases, building troops, controlling troops, conquering lands, capturing wildlife and invading other countries …

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Graphics of the game

Game of Thrones: Conquest Mod Money has great graphics, crisp images that show the lands, soldiers, or kingdoms in the game realistically. Besides, the sound is lively, charismatic, bringing exciting feelings in the fierce battle for the players.


– You will become a king of Westeros and build up your empire.
– Can experience with the main characters in the movie Game of Thrones such as Jon Snow, Petyr Baelish or Cesei Lannister.
– There are over 120 lands to conquer
– There are many soldiers, weapons


Game of Thrones: Conquest for Android has fairly simple gameplay which is similar to other war games, but Game of Thrones: Conquest has a unique story that has attracted many players around the world. The great interface is suitable for tactical games. Game of Thrones: Conquest for iOS is updated, fixed frequently to make the game more perfect. This game supports two operating systems Android and iOS. To download the game, you can click on the link below.