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  • Platforms: Android iOS
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 130 MB
  • Date Updated: 31/01/2018

Download Home Street is a game produced by Supersolid, a simulation game that brings you to a modern society where you can interact with other players in the world. Imagine, if suddenly one day, you were taken to a foreign country, without a friend, without a relative next then you have to do? Come to Home Street; the game will help you solve the problem in the clever.

Download Home Street Apk Mod Coins/Gems for Android/iOS

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Home Street Mod Coins allows you to customize all features of the character such as name and appearance. Once you have made your selection, you will be moved to your new home. But it is interesting that the house is not completed, you need to continue building it yourself. Your first task is to arrange the furniture in the house such as bed, TV, bookshelf, toilet … a reasonable way to level up faster. The furniture, decoration in the game extremely diverse and designed to simulate the famous brands in the world. If you played the game “The Sim”, then you need to try “Home Street”. You will build a house as your dream.

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Home Street Mod Gems is a game that simulates the character’s daily life. However, the game does not focus on personal characteristics such as in The Sim or Talking Tom (index: hunger, fun, hygiene …). It asks you to focus on the needs and desires of those around you. Home Street Apk Mod offers many useful lessons to apply to your daily life. You can paint pictures for sale, take care of your vegetable garden to wait for the harvest in exchange for gold. The more gold, you will buy a lot of decorations and furniture to decorate your home.

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The game has lots of fun, go to the game and explore the places around you. What else to expect without entering the world of Home Street MOD UNLIMITED COINS right now. Surely you will have memorable memories when playing games. Home Street Mod now supports some different languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Chinese Mandarin, Turkish …

Home Street mod

Currently, there are many simulation games on the market, but Home Street is a completely new style game. This is probably a shortened version of The Sim on the smartphone itself. Home Street will improve your living skills a lot, play to learn experience and apply to your life.


Features in the Home Street Apk Mod Money

– You have an unlimited amount of money
– You can use the gems comfortably in the game.

Home Street android

Steps to install Home Street Mod

– Visit CH Play and download the game as usual
– Rename the file com.supersolid.spark obb to whatever name you want
– Uninstall the game
– Download the mod and install it
– Rename the obb file to com.supersolid.spark
– Start playing!
Good luck!